Ing. Paolo Rossi

edilizia e programmazione - from building to programming

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Born in Garlasco-Pavia-Italy in February 8 1964 I reach the engineering degree at the university of Pavia in march 20 1989 with a graduating marks of 110/110 discussing about the thesis "Application of artificial intelligence in seismic risk and vulnerability in buildings".

I win for two year a scholarship of ISMES of Bergano about artificial intelligence in seismic risk and vulnerability assessment of building.

For the past two year I have working at ISMES to continue the study of the artificial intelligence in seismic Risk and vulnerability of buildings. At the end of this work it is realized a mobile laboratory for seismic assessment and an expert system for the evaluation of seismic risk for a single building or for a group of building or for a territory.

Today I'm working in civil filed and for hobby (and sometime for work) I programming the Mac using C, C++ and Pascal languages.

I collaborate with ABACUS Sistemi CAD-CAM S.r.l. the Italian distributor of PowerCADD to support PowerCADD users.In my free time I like to fishing with fly line and as I read on Fly Line a fly fishing magazine: God has created the world with 2/3 of water and 1/3 of land because He want that we fishing for 2/3 of the time and work for 1/3).

  from left to right: Paola, Marta, Valentina and me

Here is Pesio river where I go to fhis with my friends ;-)



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