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Codice Fiscale

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This program is only in Italian Language because it is specific to Italian market.
This program calculate the Italian fiscal code for person and also it is possible to validate existing code. The calculation of fiscal code is correct but the only valid fiscal code is the one that the Italian Geverment release to person. This program can only assist to calculate fiscal code but the calculated code can be not the right one and if you have need to get a real fiscal code you must need to get it from Italian Goverment.

I realize two version of fiscal code program.
The first one is a Mac OS X widget

OS X Widget

The second one is a stand alnoe created using FileMaker both for Macintosh and Windows.
With this version it is possible to validate fiscal code and get from fiscal code the original born data of person.

The program realized using FileMaker Pro

N.B. to download the demo version or an upgrade of my program the registration to this site is needed. After you have registred using your user ID and password you can login. After user login, on the left site new download menu items will appear to access the download section.

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