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Architect D&W

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This PowerCADD™ external allow to insert in a wall doors and window with more flexibility then standard PowerCADD Doors and Windows tools.
Architect D&W Tools  
The tools palette is simple and contain only three tools but this tools are very powerfull and allow to insert rapidly and precise doors, windows and also to create equidistance lines form existing one.

This esternal was developed for pass over the limitation of standard doors and windows tools of PowerCADD. With the standard tools it is impossible to inser openings in non parallel wall lines and also it is impossible to create typical opening conformation of ancient building common find in Italy and in Europe.
Below you can see the dialog setup of Doors and Windows:

Here you can see a video of a door insertion on a wall and appreciate the new way to insert an opening.

Demo video of door insertion (the video is a video stream of about 1,1Mb)

N.B. to download the demo version or an upgrade of my program the registration to this site is needed. After you have registred using your user ID and password you can login. After user login, on the left site new download menu items will appear to access the download section.

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