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Power Dimensions

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This PowerCADD™ external allows you to add new and more versatile type of dimension objects to the drawing.
These allow more accurate control over witness lines, and they allow you to edit a dimension by dragging. You can delete and add dimension points to existing dimensions.

Power Dimensions tools  

Three types of dimensions are provided:
  • chain dimension;
  • stack dimension;
  • distance from the dimension origin.
chain dimension stack dimension distance from the dimension origin

These three types of dimensions are based on the same structure, which allows you to switch between the three types without having to redraw the dimension.

With each type, you place reference points in the drawing with your mouse clicks, and then as the last operation, you position the base line of the dimension. All of these operations are simple and intuitive.

The dimensions allow you to drag the reference points of the dimension, and then the dimension will be recalculated automatically. Shown below is an example where the second point is dragged to the center of the rectangle.

before modification after modification

Note that the first and the second dimension are recalculated.

You can also use the Reshape command to add or delete points in the dimensions.

These tools give you the ability to exactly define the witness lines. They can be on an object, near an object, at a specific distance, or no witness lines at all. These four types of dimension witness line styles are shown below

Note that the handle of reference point is always on the object so you can see what you are dimensioning.

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